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Executive Physiotherapy is the only physiotherapy clinic in central London which brings physiotherapists with clinical special interests together, creating a unique environment to share expert knowledge for the pursuit of the most effective physiotherapy for their patients.

Our clinic in London has state of the art rehabilitation facilities for physiotherapy, massage and exercise therapy. We can also provide all of our services on site at your office, boosting health and well being.


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Online Physiotherapy

Have your own Expert Physiotherapist at your finger tips, at a time and place which suits you.

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We Specialise in Gait Rehabilitation

Specialist service to address foot, ankle, knee, hip and back problems with state of the art technology to analyse your walking or running and expert programs to address deficiencies.

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Exercise Specialists

Our patients receive tailored exercise programs using our own exercise videos, ranging from basic home based programs to highly specific programs to prepare for sport and endurance events.

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Pain at Work

We understand the pressures of a busy work day and believe that providing on site physiotherapy enables convenient access for employees to physiotherapy within the workplace.

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